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Arctic Monkeys
March 22, 2009, 10:03 pm
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Music ! As much as I have been a passionate for photography in the recent years, music has shaped my life since the very beginning. Every period of my life so far is define but certain musicians, its like the soundtrack of my life. Its maybe not the best music compilation out there, but I love it because it helped my build my current itunes library and my general taste in music.

But no, really, the Arctic Monkeys are great morning-trying-to-get-energized music. I remember reading about their historical debut, and curiously listening to their stuff, and liking it. But then I kinda forgot about it, moved on to something else. But a few weeks ago I came across their latest album. And its hit me a bit like Viva la Vida, I just can’t get over it. They come at you with these crazy riffs and thunderous drumming, it seems to purify my day and get things going. Like getting to my first cup of coffee.

Sometimes they slowly pick up the pace throughout the song until you are unconsciously miming the drums and going crazy, like in the song 505:

- 505

Or sometimes they just throw it all at you from the start:

- Brianstorm

I wrote the beginning of this post this morning, but then spent 2hours trying to figure out how to post these songs, and gave up to go do better things. Now, 12 hours later, I have found the solution and proudly have embedded a song in my blog.

High five to me.


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