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Ray Lamontagne

So this is the story of a guy living with his wife and two kids on a farm and working in a shoe factory. Someday he listens to a Stephen Stills song, moving him to the point of quitting his job and playing his own music to the world (and everybody loving it too).

I’m not entirely sure thats exactly how things went but in the end it all comes down to his music, and his music is great.

– Trouble
– How Come

His first album Trouble is nice, but his sound just gets better and better in the next two albums. In Till the Sun Turns Black the rare upbeat songs from Trouble disappear to give room for even softer and more soothing sounds like found in Be Here Now:

– Be Here Now (BBC Recording)
– Empty

But then I was surprised again by the evolution of his music when I heard Gossip in the Grain and this is by far my favorite album, it has a certain energy that you can kind of feel in How Come from his first album, but with so much more to it:
– You Are the Best Thing

This next song is quite cool, Ray believes that the drummer from the White Stripes, Meg White, was cruelly judged by the music press and he dedicates this song to her:
– Meg White

I think the best part of all this is that I’m hopefully going to see him in Montreal at the beginning of April.

and the best best best part of everything right now is that I started this blog last Saturday, and the views reached over 50 today, and thats just awesome. Cheers


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thanks; best thing ive heard today.

Comment by clarasandybates

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