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David Black/Chan Marshall

This is a combination of photography and music. David Black has some great pictures of artists and portraits in general. One of my favorite artists he photographed is Chan Marshall, also known as Cat Power. Not only is she beautiful, but her music is very emotionally engaging. Chan has some pretty serious stuff to talk about in her songs, she keeps the instrumental quite simple and that emphasizes her voice and the words in her songs.

– Names
– Ice Water
– I Don’t Blame You
It took her 3 years to release a new album after Your are Free so I was pretty happy to hear when she put out a new album The Greatest this isn’t “her greatest hits” or some bullshit its a proper album with some great songs:
– The Greatest
– Sea of Love

– After it All

Chan also released some great covers, including one from the uber-famous song by Oasis Wonderwall:


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