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Elvis Perkins

About 2 years ago I read an article in Rolling Stone about Elvis Perkins and all I remember from it is the aspects of his past that were described in it. His first album Ash Wednesday relates to his mourning from the loss of his mother during the 9/11 attacks. His album is structured before and after the death of his mother. If you are a happy music lover, don’t run away, yes there is melancholy in his music, but man his music is nice. Perkins has a very particular folk style, he adds different instruments like a fiddle or accordion to and builds nice rhythms, especially in one of my favourites While You Were Sleeping:

– While You Were Sleeping

-All The Night Without Love

“the title refers to being left on Wednesday with nothing but ash, because [my mother] died on a Tuesday – being left with ash on September 12. That was also the day my father died, September 12 [1992, of Aids]. It first occurred to me on Ash Wednesday itself – my consciousness was largely ruled by having lost my mother six months previously.”

– Ash Wednesday

And just recently Elvis came out with a new album, and with a proper band behind him now Elvis Perkins in Dearland (the album is self-titled). This album I haven’t had the opportunity to listen to as much, but there is definitely more upbeat/uplifting material in it, and more circus-like instruments

– Shampoo
– Doomsday

and here’s a piece of useless information:

I got my roommate to cut my hair about a week ago. Never again…

Have you got any useless information to share? I’de be happy to hear it. It’ll make my day


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this is said roommate-

you knew what you were getting into.


Comment by tess

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