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Noah Kalina
April 3, 2009, 12:23 pm
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I added Noah on my Flickr recently because his photography immediately caught my eye. I think the main aspect of his pictures is the light, and the great work he does with it. Most of his pictures are very dark, but the light is expertly directed to reveal what the viewer should pay attention to. Noah’s portraiture photography is splendid.

Whether the area of focus on this picture was voluntary or not I find its a very original way of pulling-off a great group picture.

You can see the smile on their faces.

I’de like to emphasize the genius in this. Photography is generally known as beautiful because it “freezes time”. It captures great moments and through the pictures these moments are “alive” for ages. When I look at this picture, I see much more than one moment, I see a whole past to the room. By using the long exposure Noah re-impresses upon us the numerous experiences lived by different people in this room. You can just get a glimpse of this past by the blur of bodies on the bed. Great work.

Noah is also the creator of a very famous video that was all over the internet a while ago (I remember watching this ages ago and thinking how awesome it is) I’m sure you’ve heard of it, at least you’ve probably seen the funny Simpsons parody of it.

his portfolio
his blog


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