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Salva López
May 28, 2009, 8:54 am
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I don’t know how Jeff (from does it, but he constantly posts some mind-blowing photography, and most of the time in the days that follow you can see loads of other blogs following his lead. I guess I’m more of a follower today (even though I really do try and bring new content to this blog) because after I saw some of Salva López’s work there was NO WAY it was not going onto this blog. I mean, not posting his work would have meant OD-ing on painkillers sometime this weekend.

So cheers Jeff, and for those of you who already saw Salva’s stuff on booom (99.99% of the world population, because really, who doesn’t check out like e-very-day?) I tried posting some different pictures too:

I think Salva’s work has a beautiful nostalgia flowing through it, perfectly combined with emotions such as joy and freedom. This blend of different emotions in Salva’s work really makes every picture a unique piece of art.

damn, that was deep (and slightly grammatically incorrect).

his website (under construction)

and diary


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Oooh I totally dig these! Nice feeling to them, especially the first three.

Comment by uka

Que trabajos tan bellos, simples y silenciosos…

Comment by Miguel Angel S2

I feel so proud of myself for finding out about Salva before boom. So, yay for me :) Haha

Comment by PICDIT

Yeah I remember that was a while ago :) good on you Adam, I guess the posting on boom just caught me eye a bit more, or maybe my taste in photography has evolved

Comment by artsponge

Haha! Yeah good find. :)

Comment by Spencer Fry

[…] seinem Portfolio und bei Flickr. Urbansand hat ein Interview mit ihm und gefunden habe ich ihn bei Art Sponge.   Tweet This 0 […]

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[…] Salva López at artsponge […]

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