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What are you up to?
October 9, 2009, 8:19 am
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wkComment below !!!


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don’t be shy ! I’m in the middle of my exam period and I wouldn’t mind hearing about anything else than studies.

Comment by artsponge

do some work but i will probably end up doing nothing but learning ._.

Comment by anja

I went climbing this morning (and realized who out of shape i am wouhou) I am know waiting to eat because i’m starved, i’ll be going in town this afternoon even so i’m totally OUT of money and then i’ll be studying away (or trying) and probably mowing the lawn tomorrow!

Comment by Alice

nice !

Comment by artsponge

I took a friend of mine’s senior pictures. :)

Comment by Sabrina

I did nothing that I planned to do. Don’t know if that’s a good thing:)

Comment by twentyfour

haha I know that feeling :)

Comment by artsponge

May drop in on the “fête de la châtaigne” (chestnut fair) in the nearby village of Antraigues unless I can find someone to look after Aimee a while so I can continue packing for our move. Roasted chestnuts, mulled wine (well, perhaps not in my present condition) and festive cheer here I come! Good luck for the exams, Patrick.

Comment by Katia

I hope you can make it to the chesnut fair :) sounds like fun, thanks the exams were alright !

Comment by artsponge

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