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Google Wave Invites
January 5, 2010, 7:03 pm
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I’ve got 10 Google Wave invites to give away. They’re pretty easy to come across in general, but if you haven’t got one yet here is your chance !!

answer the following question in the comments bellow:

What’s your most important resolution for the year 2010?


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Haha. Mine were to be more childish (have more fun, get into trouble more, be as silly as i like) and stop worrying about things I can’t change. :)

Comment by Hilly

Think more positively! This is a big one for me

Comment by Hazel

I have several – they’re more mottos than resolutions, but my first one is, “Do the dream.” At the moment, the dream is to teach English in France. :)

Comment by Alex

wasting less time on the internet!

Comment by bill zindel

Avoir encore plus de bonnes résolutions pour l’année 2010

Comment by Christian

To start documenting the completion of my “Bucket List”!!!

Comment by Wendell

Mine is to be more efficient,

Comment by Jameson

Be sporadic.. and relax more.

Comment by Aaron

I’d like to be more efficient, to do things in the best way possible, and to read more.

Comment by Jay

thank you for sharing these resolutions guys !! I hope you can keep them :)

I’ve sent all of you Google Wave invites.

Comment by artsponge

My resolution is to stick to my time management schedule.

Comment by Gwyn

Develop graphical charts around the priorities in my life and review each morning as well as share them with close friends.

Comment by xcircle

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