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Weronika Lawniczak
February 12, 2010, 11:24 pm
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What really fascinates me about these pictures from Weronika are the lines. It’s like these geometrical spaces that either give an effect of infinity or limitation. The people standing (or hanging) inside these spaces seem to be extensions of these lines. Weronika also paid special attention to color themes in these pictures. Really mind-blowing stuff.

Recently things have been a bit hectic with blogging keeping my posts regular. I’ve been trying to find a sense of direction for this project. I recently read a very interesting article (thanks Shipra) that raised some very good points on visual-art blogging. It’s reminded me of what I started Art Sponge for: not to post a random selection of inspiring photography, but to give my personal insight on inspiring visual arts.

What I’m saying really, is that I’m going to start working on quality articles instead of quantity. I’m very enthusiastic about photography and art I post onto here, but I’d like to work more on themes giving more of a look into the thought process behind an artists’ work.

Art Sponge has already become so much more than I ever expected, but to make it what it really is meant to be will need lots more effort.

Just thought I’d give you a little update on the stuff going through my mind right now :)

I’m also asking for a bit of my dear readers help ! If there are any web designers out there with a bit of time on their hands, I could use some help designing the next layout for Art Sponge :) Email me

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Hey there- thanks for the shout out!
I am a bit late, and a bit surprised I didn’t get a notification on my incoming links.

I agree with you- the dilemma of quantity vs quality get tough to deal with- especially in the blogging world where the standard to maintaining an online presence is now at least 2-3 posts a week! I myself lean towards quality, and there’s not much I can do on my blog unless a story inspires me, and I am able to get out in the field and develop it fully.
Way to go, and I am really glad I was able to contribute a little to your process. Readers who value quality, appreciate how much goes into the process of creating articles/posts that offer insight, not just images.

Comment by The Juicer

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