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Kristina Diamond
March 25, 2010, 9:47 am
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Kristina’s series “I Will Be Dying and So Will You” might seem a bit gloomy from its title, but I find a sort of peacefulness when going through her pictures. There is also the feeling of isolation obviously, but it isn’t as imposing as it would be if the subjects were standing in an empty city for example.

This is just my interpretation though, at the moment I spend a lot of time reflecting upon the idea of ‘isolation’ and how being alone on a huge frozen lake; in a super-crowded club or sitting in your room might not affect how isolated you are at all. Isolation is not necessarily something visible (and there you have it: my next photo project).

I’m particularly amazed with this first picture, it’s like a glimpse of heaven.

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The work by Kristina Diamond gives me a feeling on enhanced clarity and enlightment with an earie and quite sinister edge. Chilling…

Comment by Daniel

I spotted Kristina’s first piece by itself and was completely taken aback. It is so ethereally beautiful, the girls flutter sleeves even look like angels wings. The rest of the pictures are as peaceful, like the calming look an elder person has before dying, but for some reason that first picture is just on a whole other level. Simply divine.

Comment by Eliz

:) thanks for commenting guys I really appreciate these thoughtful observations

Comment by artsponge

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