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don’t forget me, ’cause I ain’t forgettin’ you
June 3, 2010, 7:07 pm
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You people have been good to me, thank you so much for sticking through all the huge gaps in postings. This isn’t goodbye. I will return with more energy and quality than you could ever expect. But now I must find my way back to Europe for a while, work on my own art, and prepare Art Sponge for better days.

Don’t drop Art Sponge from your dear bookmarks.

Keep submitting.

Keep creating.

Stay awesome.

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Good luck in your trip. How many time you are not going to be posting? Anyway, we will be waiting.

Comment by Pablo Lara H

I just got to Europe too! mossless is taking a similar sabbatical. where are you going?

Comment by Romke H

I’m mostly going to be in the south of france, where will you be?

Comment by artsponge

home (holland), paris and london. have fun in the sunny côtes!

Comment by Romke H

Heey I’ve just started looking at your blog and it’s so cool. It’s a shame youre leaving

Comment by Patty

Hey Patrick, I just found your blog so it’s a a bummer you’re not posting right now but I hope its because you’re having way too much fun. Just wrote to say I like your posts :)

– amy

Comment by amy w - over & under


Comment by Elisa

So…. summer is over my friend! Get back to business (pretty please ?)! xx

Comment by Clara

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