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I was born in Montpellier, France. I did most of my education there, until I was 17 and went to study in an international school (UWC) in Wales for 2 years. Thats where I developed an interest for photography and started teaching myself digital photography. I am now studying Political Science and Economics in Mcgill University, Montreal.

Through the internet I’ve been able to see some incredible photography and get really inspired. But every kind of art is inspiring in its own way. I’ve created Art Sponge to present some artists and works I admire the most, and to express my opinions in general.


Patrick Caire

If you have any comments about the site or artists you want to see featured on the site feel free to contact me:


or if you just want to say hello :)



I will also start doing reviews on art publications I come across. So if you publish an art or photography mag and you want me to use pages of it for Origami training, just send it here !

3434 Laval Av.
Montreal, QC H2X-3C8

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I love your site. Keep it up.

Comment by knowledgetoday

Nice blog man! Be sure to promote it everywhere you can (flickr, facebook, forums,…) to get more readers! :)

Comment by uka

Thanks ! Yeah I am trying to have other blogs link back to me :)

Comment by artsponge

Not a big fan of these things usually, but this is great. Thanks.

Comment by Rob

this is amazing, thanks patrick

Comment by maria

Great work! I really enjoy what you got going on here..

Comment by DS

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