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FOLIO Magazine
March 1, 2010, 12:43 am
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This is very last minute, and yet another blog duty failure of mine. FOLIO mag is a Mcgill University based magazine that I’ve been helping to publish since last October. The point of this publication is to represent some of the awesome creativity coming out of the mcgill student body.

Mcgill students can submit any type of visual art, and the deadline for submissions is March 8th !

email as much artwork as you want.

We are looking for series-based art, as each contributor is given several pages to develop an idea or narrative.

You can view the last two issues here and here


HUH. Magazine
October 21, 2009, 12:40 am
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Today as I walked into my apartment I noticed the postman had managed to cram a large envelope through the mail-door-slot: the envelope contained none other than the long-awaited UK-based HUH. Mag !! Totally made my day.


I’ve stopped skateboarding for a while now, because of lack of skateboarding friends and minor injuries. But I never really lost interest in the spirit of the skateboarding community: lots of really creative people come out of that world. Reading HUH magazine reminded me of this, especially in the interview with skateboarder/photographer Jerry Hsu.


But HUH isn’t only about creatives from the skateboard world, this issue also featured some pretty awesome black and whites by Jonnie Craig as well as interviews with loads of other photographers and artists of all sorts.

IMG_6526and get ready… HUH Mag is FREE ! If you’re not from London all you need to pay is the postage (unless you’re as lucky as I am, thanks Jack !)

If you would like me to review your magazine, just send it over to:

Patrick Caire
3434 Laval Av.
Montreal, QC H2X-3C8

ION magazine
September 28, 2009, 9:19 pm
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So the other day I was in a really nice thrift shop near me place, and I still had this idea in the back of my mind. Thats when I saw a few ION magazines lying in the corner of the shop. I grabbed the last two issues and after going threw them I knew this was the first mag I was going to review on Art Sponge.


ION is a free Vancouver based zine that covers art, music, fashion and culture. It has a small format but the pictures are usually nice and big, the articles have great humor in them and they have a raffle with an awesome prize in every issue!



The highlight of the latest issue for me was the feature of Jeff Hamada’s blog:


Jack Lowe, founder and editor of HUH magazine, sent me an email announcing an issue of the mag is crossing the Atlantic to land on my doorstep soon; so that’s the next great magazine that’s gonna be featured here !

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