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Cody Cobb
November 11, 2010, 11:19 am
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Cody’s landscape pictures are incredibly transporting. They seem to be taken in the most remote of places. I love how he composes pictures in a way that lets us wonder how vast and infinite the world is. Also, square format landscape photography isn’t something I see everyday, and even less with such diversity in terrain.


Hannah Davis
October 25, 2010, 12:04 pm
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Hannah captures surreal colors in her landscapes, having people standing and staring at the horizon in her pictures adds to the “edge of the world” effect as well. Fantastic work.

On a side note: Hannah also runs the great Imaginary Zine

October 10, 2010, 5:46 pm
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Katarina uses her camera mostly as a visual diary, recording moments of astonishing beauty. This series, appropriately entitled “la mer”, has a nice contrast between the infinite patterns in the sea and the fixed texture of the rock landscapes.

Ana Cabaleiro
October 2, 2010, 10:42 am
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Ana’s photography is made of the purest beauty.

The bleached-out tones combined with incredibly white landscapes makes the subject look like an angel surveying heaven.

But who said heaven is only made of snow? Ana has taken loads of shots in completely different environments, and yet she consistently keeps a divine look to all her captures.

Zoe McMahon
May 8, 2010, 8:39 pm
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Here are some beautiful medium-format landscapes by Zoe McMahon. Great peaceful vibes.

Ghislain Amar
April 28, 2010, 1:06 pm
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Here are some beautiful captures by the very talented Ghislain Amar. This particular series is named “What’s The Color of The Blue”. At first I saw this selection of photographs as a random bunch of blue-toned shots, but after letting the whole project sink in, I changed my perspective. The blue theme crosses all boundaries, it touches deserted swimming pools and melancholic portraits, all with the same subtle beauty and significance.

Aimee Brodeur
February 16, 2010, 1:57 pm
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I’m very fond of Aimee’s series entitled “Compass”. What really captures my eye is the idea of contrasts; between the dunes and the rocks as well as between the human and the landscape. It reflects a kind of vulnerability of the human being inserted amongst these massive shapes. The way they vary from harsh and treacherous to smooth round-like features really fascinates me. Aimee definitely has an amazing sense of composition.

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